Counterfeit Tires will be a thing of the past with RFID

Now RFID will be tackling counterfeit and gray market tires. The RFID system developed by SkyeTek can capture tire tag identification data for authentication and integrate with the software of the company for helping manufacturers and distributors manage tire inventories.

Dan Finch, CEO, Advanced ID has something to say on this issue:

We think maybe one out of five tires is counterfeit or came from the gray market, and is not manufactured to the standards of the world’s top manufacturers. It’s a big problem that the industry doesn’t talk about a lot, in part because it has traditionally required expensive identification and tracking solutions

One can attach the RFID tags to the tires for identification and integration with sensors for storing data related to the tire and since various tire standards are compatible with the EPC system therefore one can uniquely identify and authenticate throughout the supply chain. This will surely help in tackling counterfeiting.

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